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2002-12-17 04:25:43 (UTC)

Heather's Driveway Is the Scariest Thing...

Whelp... I'm home, folks.

Yup, returned home Friday, to an emtpy house. Boys had a
game, so everyone went to see them. Thus, I had the house
to myself, to unpack and reacquant myself with the house.
So I decided to clean and organize my room, starting with
my ungodly closet. I pulled everything out and tried it on
and got rid of everything that I didn't like anymore or
that had been taking up space due to Mom's deluded theory
that one day I will lose enough weight to put it on and
look good in it. Took up two garbage bags. And damn did I
have a lot of bras...

Cleaned under the bed, hooked up my PS2, TV, VCR... The
room has never looked so good. Unfortunately, things got
off to a rough start with my family. All my parents talked
about were sports and then my grandma has been very
stressed because of my aunt. I didn't feel like I was
wanted at all. But Mom and I talked about it, and I feel
better now. My brothers are still being pains in the asses
though. They haven't figured out that they're juvenile
humor is rude and irritating, so they wonder why I get

Shannon will be coming to visit soon! I can't wait to see
her! I hope that the others from SRU will join her in
seeing us! I doubt that my parents will let me drive down
to Pittsburgh. I'll have a lot of time to prepare, as I'm
not returning to work at Jubilee for break. By the time
they put me on the schedule, it will be Christmas week, and
Mom doesn't want me to work during that. Then Shannon will
be up, and it would be extremely rude to work after she
paid for the plane ticket. Then by the time she'd leave,
it'd be nearly time to go back to SRU for the new semester.
So, I am going to remain at home and work for Mom, cleaning
the house, taking care of the bros, preparing dinner...
it's like Homemaker Training, which makes me want to shoot
myself. I'm not cut out for the life of a homemaker. But it
will really help out my mother. And I want to help her,
because she works very hard. I thought perhaps I could help
her and take over some duties my grandma newara does for my
aunt, like at least washing my cousin's clothing or taking
care of them. She's 60 years old, she shouldn't have to
babysit 24/7, wash clothes for my aunt and three young boys
and cook for them too. So I'm painting her a piece of
ceramic flowers I bought in Oaxaca. What sucks about not
working is that I have no money now, and still some people
to buy Christmas gifts for. And I miss the gals from work.
I haven't told Holly yet, so she'll probably read it here
before I tell her.

This does prove an invaluable opportunity though... I can
prove to my parents that I'm not worthless on a lot of
levels. I can prove that I can help around the house and
not sleep all day. Plus it gives me the chance to work on
sketching, writing, and any burnt anime I haven't watched
yet. Plus my PS2 has been neglected. I'm doing a lot to
keep me busy. I've been painting for grandma, keeping up
with the housework, helping the boys with their homework...
I'm going to practice my cooking skills. I've got to wrap
Christmas gifts to wrap and make... it feels like I've got
a lot to do.

I'll have to post it. This will be interesting. And I
REALLY want a little gerbil like Vanessa got! It's so cute!
I'd name it Yuki after the character from Fruits Basket! We
mice gotta stick together!

Squeak and Happy Holidays!