Life In Munchkin Land
2002-12-17 03:49:52 (UTC)


Yup its offical..I HATE HIM, I HATE HIM, I HATE HIM!! He
used me like a barbie doll...WELL ya know what hes gone!
History! ADIOS! No more I'm not putting up with his shit
anymore..For all I care anymore he can go burn in hell and
live happily ever after! He made my life a living hell and
well I have my friend to thank for getting me through it
especailly alex and sheila those 2 have been the best..

On the better side I get to write a nifty short story for
mr.beddalls class that will be cool...My story is about a
Hillbillie x-mas (I dont like the full word cuz of a
certain name thats in there)..Anyway its gonna be sooo
cool cuz im just funny like that..so i hope i win the
contest for it..I submitted another one of my poems
yesterday..I hope it does well like the other one
did..well i guess that is all bye now...

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