I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-12-17 03:47:54 (UTC)

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

Yesterday, I did something nice for someone. I told a girl
that I work with that I would be happy to swap days off
with her so she could leave early to go home for
Christmas. Of course that meant that I would work this
Wednesday straight through next Wednesday. But I love her,
and it's ok. Once I came home, I realized that I was going
to use my off day that I gave up to go Christmas shopping.
I have to wait until I got paid, which is this upcoming
Friday. So, I'm off today and tomorrow, but couldn't shop
because I had no money and when I do have money I can't
shop because I don't have time off to do it.

But God or Santa or Karma or whatever seems to be looking
over me. I got up late today (1pm) and my dad wanted me to
go Christmas shopping with him. I told him I'd go, but
that I had no money and wouldn't be making any purchases.
While he went to shower, I sat at the table and ate my
breakfast (or lunch if you'd like) and saw the mail that
my mom had brought in. There were 3 letters for me. One of
them happened to be $200 from my credit card company. I
have no idea why they sent it to me. But they did, and it
came just as I was leaving to go shopping.

It's the little things that are big that get me. A little
more for my family for Christmas.

I am lucky.