2001-08-31 01:06:54 (UTC)

Time Flies By

I can't remmber the day...I looked upon your face. I
remember wanting...To feel your embrace. Now I...Try to
hold back. When will you...Give me some slack? Reaching for
you...Pulling away. Thinking of you...Missing that day. My
memory is lost...In a jumble in time. I wish I could...Give
up on the rhyme.
What do you think of my poem? It sucks, hm? Yeah. I know.
But, I like to write poetry. Quite depressing poetry, at
that. Sometimes I lay awake, just to sit and think. About
poetry, that doesn't come until I wake. And when it does, I
miss it by a mile. Inspiration hits, while I'm resisting a
My friend got me sick...So now I'm coughing up a
storm...Joy. Well, I think I may end up being anorexic,
again. All for Tim..Make him feel special. Not. He doesn't
care. Nor will he ever...I think I like him too much. I'm
still dating Ayr...But I dunno if we're still dating...I
mean, I never see him. Should I break up with him? Or no?
Oh well...This'll be my last entry today. Bye Bye...I dun
have anything else to say: Lubs~Hopie