One Fucked Up World
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2002-12-17 03:08:46 (UTC)

So stupid..

Okay... yea so why do we need to have long pants to be
cool? I got these really cute boots today, but I can't wear
them b/c no pants look good w/ them, b/c all the pants are
SHORT! WHat the hell? lol

Anyways... yea so.. this guy from south carolina.. i love
him soo much, like... i have been thinking i kinda want to
have sex w/ him... but i am not sure.. b/c i mean he lives
in south carolina and i live in ohio and we only see each
other one week outta the entire the year... i mean thats
messed up... but i don't know if i should have sex w/ him..
like i want to but... im kinda scared... it will be my
first time.. adn what if i get pregnant??? what then? i
just don't know.

Tehn he also told me he kinda cheated on me.. but i also
kina cheated on him too... buti don't know if i should tell
him? Ahh... i love him soo much i don't want to loose him.
He is perfect in every way...


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