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2001-08-31 00:51:46 (UTC)

Simple Green

And we're off!!!
Okay so I really am all about setting up a livejournal
account but alas livejournal is down due to server issues
so here I am. Today I had the pleasure of working. Nothing
too exciting happened today. Now YESTERDAY is definitely
something to write about. Lube wrestling at the Timberline.
Although I'm not all about a bunch of campy fellas writhing
around in Elbow Grease lube in a big blowup swimming pool
set atop some foam scraps....but the 3 drinks I consumed
made it pretty exciting to watch.

And of course I have my Lady Friend whom I will refer to as
Lady friend for future refrence. I could refer to her by
name but my Lady Friends tend to change more often than not
so we will just refer to whomever I'm bonking (or whomever
is bonking me) at this moment in time as my Lady Friend.
Whom I had my own bout of Lube Wrestling with later that
evening. Considering I had to get up at 4:00am this morning
to go to work I was surprisingly awake and in a decent mood.

So what's with my Simple Green topic today? Did you know
Simple Green (although a mild eye irritant) is non-toxic
and biodegradable? I happen to have a spray bottle full of
simple green sitting on my desk to the left of my monitor.
But really that is not why I chose the title simple green.
It fit because today I have spent the past 3 hours
planning my financial situations. You will probably notice
I spend quite a lot of time worrying about things I either
do nothing about or can do nothing about. Money happens to
be one of them.

Currently I have many special projects going on at the
moment. Three of them involve fungus. To get some idea as
to what this FUNGUS talk is all about you might want to
take a look at ------

Yeah well of course it is. I mean who would actually want
to ingest psychedilic fungus really?


Today was a horrible day for fungus jar #10, 000-1
aka "OPERATION EROS". My first pre-birthday casualty due
to a reoccuring dark green mold infection just between the
base of the dry vermiculite layer and substrate. I
attempted surgery on jar #10 two days ago but to no avail,
the mold came back so I threw out the fungus cake due to
it's visible signs of infection and the horrid stench of
mold FUNK.

Yesterday I tossed out fungus cake #4, 000-0 due to a very
pretty light green mold infection near the top of the cake.
This whole recasing method isn't working too well for me
now. I'm not very happy with the 2nd run of FUN GUS

Now 001-0 aka FUN GUY Jars 1 - 10 are doing quite dandy.
Very good mycelium growth everywhere. Good good I am happy
with this their birthday will be coming up very soon.

But not as soon as MY birthday which is tomorrow for me, August 31st.
I'll be 26. I'm over a quarter of a century old.

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