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2002-12-17 02:50:08 (UTC)


well i attended my unclejohn henry's funeral on saturday.
and i wasn't fully aware, of just how emotional it was
gonna be. maybe it also being a black funeral had
something to do with it. the service went really well, and
all, it was just hard to see my aunts break down like they
did. at one point my dad had to go up to the from of the
church and pick my aunt claudia up off the floor. how
sad...my aunt ellen was a wreck, a real wreck. i think out
of all my aunts and uncles, she was the worse off. my aunt
doll seemed to take it all in stride, and my dad well...he
has always been thesort of peaceful man of the famliy, i
dont know what would have happened if he not have been
then drama started afterwards, but i wont get into that,
it's not really anything that needs to be repeated. let's
just say, i have never seen my family so divided in a time
of need. *bless them all

so yeah, my flight back was an interesting one. i was
hit on by some jamaican guy, who upgraded my seat to a
first class, and gave me 2 free drink vouchers. so i sat
beside some ol' lady who drank screwdrivers, and i drank
tanqueray and tonics. buzzed when i landed in RDU. the
ONLY way to fly. of course when you have to pee and you
walk down that narrow aisle...wow, i felt dizzy. *gettin
perved on the plane, wonka wonka! anywho, that's about
all...yup yup yup uh huh uh huh uh huh!