What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-08-31 00:38:03 (UTC)

Happy Birthday me

You guessed it. Today's my birthday. *does a little dance*
I'm 16! Sweet 16! What's so sweet about 16 anyways? *shrug*

So my party went ahead after all. T'was quite quite
fun. "Taylor" came. (I really hope he's not reading this,
because I bet he's figured out who he is by now). He hugged
me twice. *grin* And he was quite amused by my computer
room (it's hidden. Hard to explain, tell you later.). And
he was in my room! *cheesy grin* Quite happy, I am. And he
was sitting on my bed. It was brilliant. He just, ran off
into my room. And we were wondering what he was doing.
Someone said "maybe he's masturbating in there" So all 4
girls ran in to check. He was playing my guitar so we
feigned dissappointment and walked away. He was mightily
confused and then we wouldn't tell him what we ran in there
for. Funny. If he is reading this, than he knows who he is
for sure, and now he knows why we ran in there. *grin* He's
so amazing though. He probably doesn't know it, but he is.
He's so funny and charming and sweet. *grin* I'm happy just
being in the same room as him, I don't even need to talk to
him. I've written quite a few poems about him. But I won't
post them here, in case he IS reading it. But he's probably

I really don't want to sound like I'm obsessed
with "Taylor" or anything, but lately, *shrug* he's been
extraordinarily amazing. But anyways, on to something more

We played spotlight. How immature are we? Very. But it was
fun. I was wearing a long black leather looking coat.
And "Taylor" was all upset because he kept getting caught
because he was wearing a white shirt. So one game, I
decided not to play. And I gave him my jacket. Phill was it
and he didn't even notice! We made the rule that if someone
says "spotlight on.." and it's the wrong person, the person
they "tried" to spotlight on, but did it incorrectly, got a
free homes. So Phill went looking for people, and he
saw "Taylor" and went "spotlight on katie!!" but it wasn't
me! Bwa ha ha, so I helped "Taylor" win, and embarrass
Phill! Sorry, I know, I'm a horrible person, but I kick so
much ass.

When we came out of the woods from playing spotlight I felt
like I had wormy things crawling all over me. I didn't, but
that's what it felt like.

Yeah, so I feel like taking a bath, and I'm kind of tired,
so I'll make this one short (or shorter than the rest). I
might write more in the next entry.

quote from one of my cards:

"World peace, Birthday cakes are frosting-covered wishes, a
soul mate, a big dat salary, a pony (out of habit), a
hundred more wishes, birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and

Leave no wish unwished"