Scenes from a Marriage
2001-08-31 00:25:32 (UTC)

August 30th, Thursday, continued

The lawyer told him we have an 85% chance of gaining full
custody of the baby. I can't believe it, I thought maybe
50% if we were lucky at all, but he says aside from the sex
they had we are a model family---we are licensed foster
parents, we have been married for 10 years, we have a well-
adjusted 10 year old son, we are financially secure, and
grounded in the community. He has to know within the next
couple of weeks, because once he files Public Aid will not
represent her in custody, they will make her get her own
attorney. But, the down side is we would have to deal with
her for visitation, but I am sure that would only last for
a little while and then she would be on to something new.
Once, she found out her perfect scam with Public Aid was
over and she had lost her freeride.

Now before everyone goes nuts, I do not think that all
people on Public Aid abuse the system, but I have seen many
that do. For those who don't I admire the courage and
determination it takes for you to struggle and make a
better life for your children. But, I have seen so many
using food stamps for stuff for themselves while the kids
go hungry, or using the cash they have for booze instead of

I am excited, but nervous, this is one BIG decision that we
must make together.