Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
2001-08-30 23:51:33 (UTC)

The Call

Dear Kelly,

Guessed who called yesterday?


He asked me to meet him at the cafe at the other side of
the town. I was a bit annoyed because it is too far from my
home and I can't drive. beside it was too late in the night to get
any ride there. He saved the problem for me because
he was already waiting outside my house.

Tom is a maniac. It's not that his social life was in utter
farce. It was his driving! I was sure he would get us
killed half of the time. He scares me into thnking that
there was a maniac in each road that would kill us innocent
people who was minding their own business on the roads.

But we arrived at the cafe well and alive, and me scared to
get into his car again. He apologised about his driving
skills. He should. I mean, I, Nevia Lexi could be killed!
And I haven't even tasted life.

He told me that he loves Jamie, as much he loves Marie-
Anne. Why Tom is telling me this even though it was
supposed to be a secret. Well, it happens that both of them
meet at my house and well.. spend a lot of time there
together like a couple instead of walking like men, acting
like their are not in love with each other in front of

But. There's always a but. Hmmm. My Butt is clean and
pretty. Wanna check? Nah.

Tom don't want to be with Jamie anymore. There was no new
guy or girl. It seems that Tom felt that Jamie was like -
holding a very tight lease on him, and Tom is annoyed. He
want some air to breath and Jamie - well - is rather

I was just staring at him. Unsure what to do. Why was I
always the middle person to convey all thoughts and
emotions to other people? That is so most not fun!

Kelly, you know what he did? He drove me to his house and
handed me all the things Jamie brought for him. He
said, "These belongs to Jamie and I don't want it no more."
As he send me home- his driving was more slower and not as
scary as before. And at the front porch, he just grabbed
me, and kissed me fully on the lips until I had to push him
away because it was rather forceful.

Tom smiled and left me alone with Jamie's things.

Well, I told Jamie what Tom told me to say and told him to
pick his things up at my home. He was upset. I guess, Tom
dumped him. I hugged him and he said Tom was a bitch. I
looked at him and Jamies said he saw what happened when Tom
walked to me to the porch and he kissed me forcefully. He
said he saw me looked startled and rushed to get in.

Well, I spend some time with Jamie. Can't help it since we
shared most of the classes together.

I'll write back Kelly. Mum just told me to sleep. That was a surprise.