No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-17 00:37:43 (UTC)


Well, I talked to Terry last night and he said there is
nothing going on with him and Steph *sigh of relief*
I am so sick...I can bearly talk! It sucks so bad. But I
have this medicineand cough drops that are really really
helping a lot to clear my throat and take my fever down. I
had 2 sweaters, a long sleeved shirt, and a short sleved
shirt on today and I was FREEZING all day. Sucks butt.
Not much school left...3 days. Wont hear me complaining. I
did ok with my Art stuff...which is good.
Umm...yeah...well what to say? Oh, I slept when I got home.
It's 7:30 now...I'm tired. lol. Still.
I have a Drill Team dinner tomorrow after
should be fun...although I can't eat much. :(
Well, i'm on the phone. later.


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