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life of a porn star
2002-12-16 23:51:18 (UTC)

winter brake blues

woah i was reading some of my old entries and its so weird
how i can see how i have changed. im not sure if it was a
good change or not. i used to have ideas and beliefs and i
only write about what i did over the weekend. oh well. it
has been so strange not havong to go to school. i have no
car and no job and i have become a hermit. so i have all
of this time to think. but nothing good has come of my
thinking yet. i still havent seen brian, he hasnt been
online at all since friday. im so sad. but mabey soon he
will be going home to his computer, but then he will be so
far away. ne ways, i have been going nuts because of my
friends, in the beginning of the semester i was all into
being everyones friend, i think i became too absorbed in
my brian drama that i became a psyco bitch lol. but ne
ways steph annoys the hell out of me bc she is soooo
selfish...all she can talk about is herself and howmany
guys want to get into her pants. it gets really anoying
aftter awhile, i havent talked to em in a couple of days
and she is eqaully annoying, it bothers me that these are
the only people i hang out with and i cant stand them, why
do i feel like everyone annoys me? i cant wait to start
over in the spring semesster. oh well i hope i find some
reason to get out of the house tonight.

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