Hil's Peachy Diary!!
2001-08-30 22:15:51 (UTC)

Bored 2 death!!

Dear Diary,
I know this is the second time I wrote in this diary
thing but I am soooo bored, it isn't funny!! All day I have
been waiting for a certain person whom I love dearly to
sign online but he never did and no one was online all day.
I had to clean my room which was not so much fun and I have
to write notes for a book for school!! aaaah!! the boredom
is killing me!! I wish that Sarah was not in the Cape, I
wish she was back home w/ her homie gs, hehe! I also wish
Kristina was back from the Cape cuz she always makes me
happy online. Well, anways, my day sux, please cheer me up!!