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2001-08-30 21:51:15 (UTC)

Open Fire

"I love you to the bones,
Like an anorexia life."

Imagine being so intoxicated and so enfatuated with
something, That is drives you almost mad. Thats what this
song makes me think of. Being so confused, so pitiful, and
so obsessed, asking someone, anyone to listen. I wonder how
that would be?

I live for yesterday,
No one cares or understands,
Don’t feel pain, I’m made of steel,
I can’t answer you,
If you ask me how I am cause I,
I don’t know just how I feel.
I can feel,
Any pain you give me,
But I’ll take it and throw it away.
I’m a hypocrite,
But that’s O.K. cause I like it,
But I am careful who I burn,
I am free falling,
With no parachute at all but,
I don’t have any concerns.
I will kneel
To any king you give me,
But I’ll tell you what I'd say.
Why are you any better than anyone else?

Conformity. Sometimes I wonder. Theres a big part inside of
me that is so different, and so individual, and I want
everyone to see it. And most people do. But I would be
lying if I said I didnt conform. And sometimes I wish that
I didn't care so much. But thats all it is anymore. Thats
all our idols teach us. "I dont want to be like anybody
else, when I'm the best at being myself..." thats what Nick
said to me once, and I believe it more and more each day. I become
more myself, and prouder of who I am, each day....But sometimes I
still wonder if the grass ever greener, no matter where you are...?

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