My Thoughts
2001-08-30 21:50:42 (UTC)

My 2'nd Entry.. O yeah.......

Today was definitely interesting, and it's only half way
over! This morning I got my first look into the whole on
campus experience at Towson. Whoo hoo ! I chilled with Stef
and Matt in their dorms.. and had lunch with Matt, Miller
and Casey. I think I'm staying over at Stef's dorm tonight.
I can't wait to transfer and get a dorm of my own! I think
after 18 years, I'm finally ready to be independent, and
it's quite scary but so exciting at the same time! It's
funny that college is the only thing I've had really to talk
about in these past two entries, but that's the only really
new and relevant thing going on with me. Me and Casey had
this whole long conversation about relationships and what we
want in them on the way home today. I told him how currently
I'm not seeing anyone and how I like being able to hang out
with just the girls and able to flirt with other guys. I
don't think I'm really looking for a guy at this point in
time.. but if he decides to find me, thats a different
story. And I definitely want my next relationshp to be
really special and not just a fling or something that I'll
soon throw out the window. And my thought of the day...
"Everything ha

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