Alisha's Journal
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2002-12-16 20:45:32 (UTC)


Well, to say what i am feeling today would take up this
whole page. I could go on and on about how i feel, and how
terrible i've made my life just because if the choices i've
made, but im not going to do that. Not yet.

Today, a friend of mine took his road test. I feel so bad
because the roads were crappy and he didn't pass. It sucks.

My ex-bestfriend has been, confusing the crap outta me. I'm
not sure what's going on there. She's said all of these
things that i'm not sure to believe because the next
day...she acts like she didn't say anything. Maybe i'm
being dumb, i dunno.

My Best friend has been annoying me. I shouldn't say that
because its wrong. BUT, i've also noticed things that she
does that shouldn't be done in a friendship, other friends
have pointed this out to me in a serious discussion within
this past, i dunno what to do here either.

School is being an ass. No matter what i do it just doesn't
agree with me. It's dumb, i think i failed a math test
today and i CANNOT afford that in that class at this point.
My friend Casey and i are doomed in that class. Oh well,
least were in it together.

Work....i dunno. It's weird lately. I used to go there to
get away and have fun, but now i feel weird when im there.
Like i don't really belong there. I dunno...maybe all this
is because of the season.

Track. Ugh. I can't even begin this one. I believe im
trying really hard to make it to sectionals this year, and
its depressing because people who don't try AT ALL are
going to sectionals.

All this week i have absolutly NO TIME to myself. I wont be
getting much sleep, and i don't have much sleep to run on
here, so i dunno what's gonna happen here.

I'm gonna hit a breaking point any time soon, because dumb
things irritate and scare me, mess with my emotions when would have never bothered me at all.

Well...i said i wasn't going to do that but i had to.
sorry. I gotta go to work now.