sex sells, and (unfortunately) i like it
2002-12-16 20:14:41 (UTC)

40 oz to freedom

o man today started out so retaded. i was pissed and i lie
failed this history quiz... i was so so sooooo
frusterated. then i went to homeroom and i was yelling at
my homeroom teacher mrs. goodwin- she sux so bad!! and
ahhhh it was just a bad day buut once i got to study hall
it was great. sean came adn satwith mallory adn i . he is
sooooo funny. lol i am gunna hang out with him sometime adn
it will be awsome. ahhh lol and for hs 18th birthday he is
gunna go to a strip goint lol but i wnt be old enough so he
is gunna make me afake id lol adn now i am just... errr
bored but i am ok. and i think i knwo why everyone that
write on here si so depressed... i thkn that it is that
they arent really depressed, or maybe they are, but it is
jsut that this is the only place they can get there
feelings out.. cause if they tell anyon then that person
will think they are crazy or something. at least that is
how i am... but i dotn really say alot of my feelings on
here.. i put the liek really stuff in my personal journal...