2001-08-30 21:28:22 (UTC)

Idiotic people.

Today was the day I go back to work. Joy joy. Piles of work
i need to do/get done. The stress is building and I can
feel my insides wanting to be torn out with a knife.
Yes, I hate work. Sadly I must put up with it if I ever
want to go anywhere or do anything.
I can't stand people. I don't even know how i stand
myself.I hate how people make trends of everything. Punk,
Skaters, goth, and even being depressed seems to be the
latest trend.
Almost everybody that has a journal online bitch and moan
and now Im apart of that group. I absoutly despise being
apart of a trend. Expecially when I'm not trying to be in
one, just trying to be myself. I wish more people would do
that but it seems people must follow the other cattle and
become "one" with the herd.
Some people make me sick.
just like when I went to the beach with 4 other people. I
went out kinda far in the water, but not too far. I always
go out and stop at a certain point. but this other girl
(from the group i went with) dragged me out further and she
started flirting with the surfers and saying "Oh help me I
cant swim" I roleld my eyes and just continued to swim and
swim under the waves that kept hitting over us. I finally
noticed I couldnt feel the ocean floor any more, and we
were out really far. I mean the waves were 5 feet infront
of us and going to the shore. Waves didnt even hit us any
more. They were more like rolls in the water. We both
decided to go back, I gladly agreed. I don't like going out
that far in murky water. Well as she started swimming back
to the shore i calledo ut to her. I was siwmming but i kept
staying in the same place. I tried floating, tried swimming
on my side. I was still in the same place. (I was caught in
a small rip tide) and she giggled syaing "Oh terra you're
so funny" As if I was trying to joke around that I was
stuck. Well it ended up with her leaving me out there
stuck. So I waved my arms and called for a life guard. and
I heard one of the life guards on a microphone thing
saying "Good evening, Life guards are going off duty, have
a nice night" i was so furious! but what coudl I do? I
started to shout for one of the surfers to help me. They
roleld their eyes at me and kept doing what their doing. I
think it was becuase of that other girl who did the "oh
help me" flirting crap.. Okay so after an hour or so they
finally realizing im not joking. Im serious. i was starting
to sink in the water. i was really tired. Okay so they
finally grab me and start dragging me back to shore. While
they were dragging me back one of them said LOUDLY "God we
are missing SO many waves becuase of her. Oh my god." What
a jackass! I mean two minutes of their pointless lives to
SAVE me from drowing and their complaining about how their
missing one or two waves.

Fucking assholes.

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