Cold chillin

Bernie Calderon
2002-12-16 19:15:38 (UTC)

More Deep thoughts...

Mood: sleepy
song of the moment: Booty Man by Craig David
here are more deep thoughts from the inner werkings of mah

-Should you ever fry bacon in the nude?
-If a word in the dictionary were mispelled, how would we
-Now Woody Allen has married his Step-daughter Soon-Yi, has
he become his own father-in-law?
-Why do you always get a shock when you see somebody you
know on the television?
-Why do we call ourselves the human race? Is somebody going
to win?
-If you saw someone drowning, and it was only 55 minutes
after you had eaten, would you have to wait 5 minutes
before diving in to save them?
-If love is blind, why is always the physical
attractiveness of someone that
makes us fall in love?
-If you named your child "I", could he talk about himself
in the first, second and third person at the same time?
-Do cats have to pay nine times more for their life
-Why do people press harder on the remote control when the
battery is dead?
-Americans throw rice at weddings. Do the Chinese throw
-Why do people go to Burger King, order a double whopper
with large fries, and then a DIET coke?
-If the universe is constantly expanding, how come I can't
find a parking space?
-If the temperature today is 0 degrees and the weather man
says it will be twice as cold tomorrow, what will the
temperature be?