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2002-12-16 19:07:48 (UTC)

MeW ^.^

This past weekend was wonderful. I didn't get hardly
any homework done, but it was wonderful nonetheless.
Friday I had guitar lessons. Ron came over (a little bit
late, as usual) and he had a gig later that night. He
stayed about a half an hour late, and my mom gave him
some Code Red and made him some dinner. I
honestly feel like I have an older brother now. A real
one, not the one who is trying to get in my pants all the
way from New York/New Jersey. Mew...

Anyway, after Ron came over, my mom drove me to go
get Kati, and she and I went to the mall and then we
went to the movies. We met Sonny up there, and as I
walked in, Ariel came running at me... *Oh no* I thought,
but I hugged her like I meant it. Then I saw Chelsey
and Jason, and I hugged them both since I haven't
seen either of them in... too long. And then I saw Killian
and Alex, and I hugged them... Alex didn't notice that I
hugged Killian and... crap today is his fifteenth birthday.
Anyway... Wow I get sidetracked easily... Alex got
jealous when I told her Sunday night.

My parents almost caught Kati and me with Sonny, but
they left the theatre when I suggested sitting in the
VERY front row. They saw Die Another Day, and we
saw 8 Mile, which was a good movie by the way.

Then later that night, Kati and I returned to my house
and we played my instruments, then she got online
while I talked to Sonny for a while. Then Kati and I ate
one piece of pizza each and watched The Crow (which I
found ::dances::). Saturday morning I woke up, and
sang, "Spiderman Spiderman." Kati and I watched that
while we ate our chocolate chip pancakes ^.^

Then we went BACK to the mall, and my dad picked us
up at six and drove Kati home. Then we drove to my
house and we picked up my mom and Falcon's present
and then we drove to Sushi Bay to meet Falcon and her
family. We had a good meal and I was happy to see
her since I haven't seen her in forever and she's been
one of my best friends since I first met her.

Then I got home and I ate brownies (which Falcon
MADE for ME!!!) and for Christmas she gave me food!
^.^ I gave her a collar, lol.

Then Sonny called me at 2 30 when he got home, and
we talked until 6 (in the morning, sha!). Sunday, I had
PLANNED on staying home and doing my homework
(which is what I should be doing NOW dammit... i
forgot...), but Izzy IMed me and said she was going to
the mall and I went with her. Then she took me to see
Sonny ^.^ So I got to see Sonny two times this weekend
::happiness:: It made me so happy... seriously. I love
him so much...

Then I got home from Sonny's house and I called him. I
didn't do my homework at all this weekend!!! >