Cosmic Rain
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2002-12-16 17:00:22 (UTC)

something from somewhere

...:::I'm submitting my thoughts. I'm breaking free of
restraint..I'm the person I was before..But sometimes I
aint..Electrified, mystified...Isn't it quaint...Doesn't
matter where I go from here...I'm there..I'm
everywhere..I'm near..But whois answering the questions
when there's something out there I fear...I fear feelings I
can't explain..I tear at emotions that have no
name..Sometimes we get scared..Because inside we really
cared...Criss cross the track of time...Can't go straight
into the sublime..I'm not always out of line..Just out of
hope and out of mind...Running to pockets of air..Breath in
and taste what's not fair..Upon sweetened tongue the words
wont always come...Remembering and reminded where I belong..
Thoughts settle on tranqil waters still and
calm...Underneath I bequeath my soul to the unknown..A
single word can still disarm...A statue of silence bears
its weight, so pressing...Emotions think of undressing
their fragile state..It came too soon..It was left too

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