2001-08-30 20:14:06 (UTC)

Day two

Packing. thats what I did all day. I am going camping
before the school session starts. It seems like it will be
very boring, but I don't know. Its a family trip, It WILL
be boring. We always bring too much food. Then we have to
lug it home again. My sister, the idiot thinks she needs 5
pillows to sleep on.

what is the deal with school shopping? who ares what
clothes you wear, it's just clothing. I thought that the
caste system existed only in India, but here it is, right
in my own school. Ditch the abercrombie shirt for a pair
of blujeans, and you're labeled a scumbag. it's very

So I will be gone till monday.

"Only the dead fish swim with the stream"