Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-12-16 16:22:25 (UTC)

...behold, I am Constanza, Lord of the Idiots

Yeah, that's right.

So, I get invited to this little sware, and what do I do?
Come a day late. Yeah, that's right.

I tell ya, that's got be right up there on the stupidest
things I ever done list. Well, at least is wasn't
embarassing. Oh yeah, that's right, it was.

Saw Nemesis. Wow, that movie had so much potential, too
bad a three year old must have edited. Well, at least only
three days until The Two Towers. Hell yeah!

And speaking of wasting time, got the The Two Towers video
game...oh my god that kicks ass.

Worked yesterday, on the weekend, again. Yeah, that's
right. Still working on the weekend. Well, only a few
more days to go, and I'll have a week away from this hell I
call a job.

So, I was going through my girlfriends photo album. Not a
smart move on my part. I mean, I didn't get into trouble
or anything, but fuck me with a razor because she does not
go out with ugly people. Well, except me. I was a little
intimidated before, but I hadn't realized until looking
through the photos that all the guys she has rejected over
the years all lived in the land of the beautiful people.

Yeah, thats right, I'm fucked.

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