2001-08-30 19:45:51 (UTC)


Well, me and my mom made it to Texas safely. It's just like
Florida. I met a lot of my cousins that I don't even know.
The last time I was out here was when I was 9 months old,
so I don't remember anyone, except for people who came to
visit my family in California.

For the first 3 days we stayed at my Aunt Theresa's house.
She lives with my Aunt Judy and her 3 kids, Tamika, Chloe,
and Jonathan. Jonathan is my age, and the other girls are
in their 20's. Tamika and Chloe both have babies, however,
Tamika is marrried. Jonathan is my age and he gets on my
nerve. He's so nasty. He does that incest shit. It's so
disgusting. And he makes me mad because when my mom dropped
me off at my cousin Chico's house, he was like, "Do you
think it's time to get Jasmine?" and so i had to go home
just for his dumb ass.

I'm so glad I'm away from him. Now I'm at my Aunt Sharon's
house with my cousin LeJean. Me and LeJean practically grew
up together. She lived next door to me. Then she moved to
Orange County, which is still pretty close. Then she moved
to Texas and i didn't see her for 5 years. LeJean is
married now and has a cute little baby boy named Reggie
*after his daddy*. He's really cute and fat! Last night,
LeJean and I went to go see "Ghosts of Mars". That movies
was terrifying!

When we were coming on the plane here Saturday, I was
feeling really nervous and for the first time in my life I
was scared to fly. I kept thinking about the plane
crashing. Then, Monday I heard that Aaliyah died in a plane
crash Saturday morning. I was so sad. Aaliyah was my girl,
man. I loved her music and she was such an inspiration to
many people. She was a beautiful person and a great role
model. I will really miss her.

On a more happier note, people have said that me and my
cousin Tamika always looked alike, so we took pictures the
other night. Don'r worry, I'm going to scan them and put
them on a web site so that you can see them.

Well, I'm going to go now. Rest in peace, Aaliyah. You were
truly "One in a Million".