punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-16 14:06:49 (UTC)

cristal(my monkey)

As i said, cristal and i have been best friends for almost
6 months now. things like friendships are so
unpredictable..ive learned that now. we talk everyday ..but still
have yet to meet in person..yet are bond is so strong., i know we
were meant to be best buds. we both si(slef injure) have eds(eating
disorders) and have been we see eye 2 eye on pretty much
everything which is nice. we also save eachother when we
feel a bit or alot..suicidal..we have this promise..if one goes we
btoh go..we both would never do that to eachother so it keeps us
alive and fightin. i dont know what we'd do without eachother...she's
sucha part of my life now..its like a brigde..once you build it..and
take out the will never be the cant just put in
another piece. i cant wait for us 2 meet...its almost like we're
gonna be reunited..because we were just to sister-souls taken away
form eachotehr or seperated in the beginning..just goes to
cant fight the inevitable!

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