A Place Like This
2001-08-30 19:25:26 (UTC)

Oh goes something

Well I tried to introduce my self candidly last night,
however Igot kicked off by the mom because she thought i
was my sister, who was spending all night online. excusable.

At any rate...I have to get ready for evil work soon. My
lovely projectionist job!! woohoo. I bet I'll have to
close tonight, and open tomorrow. Which is just perfectly

I was watching Days of our Lives and Passions today. Shawn
Brady is one hot mofo. I'm getting real tired of the CRAP
on passions. Especially that Kay crap. what is that? YOU

Newsflash...MTV's TRL is rigged. Big FRICKEN surprise.
TRL is evil. But uh...maybe Carson is kinda hot.

what else? oh...go out and buy the Shakira album. If you
like Latin music that rocks, that is the person to get
into. I totally bought this album on a whim, which i have
tried NOT to do recently...since my music collection is
literally almost or ALREADY 200 strong. Go figure.
Anyway, it's mellow and then it's fast. it's GOOD. I
expected to like the Five For Fighting album, but it didn't
really hit me as hard as i thought it would. I'm listenin
to Shakira right now. Such a strange but pretty voice.

Well kids...that's all for right now. What's today? the
30th? oh...yippie...20 more days til college...2nd
year...woo FRICKEN hoo.