The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-08-30 19:14:25 (UTC)

We're Pregnant!!!

August 26th, 2001 -- was the fateful day when we buckled
down and went and bought a home pregnancy test, but not
after much searching on the net to find the best one. The
last time we did a home pregnancy test was about 1 1/2
months after we got married--both in the bathroom--I shyly
tried to use the restroom on that little stick while
holding a towel over myself so John couldn't see.

I was still shy! It had only been a month or so. So, I
did my duty and we held our breath and stared at that
little stick until everything faded away--1 minute passed,
our grip on each others hands loosen just a little. 2
minutes passed, we glance around the room a little -- but
dared not let our eyes wonder to far away....3 minutes--
nothing...."How long does it say to wait?" I grab the
instructions--"5-10 minutes" I say with a dreadful look in
my eyes....

After 5 minutes we decided to walk away and do something
else while were waiting...I can't remember what we
did...but when we came back in--there was a nothingness
staring back at us....I cried a little and John held me.
We were both torn on whether or not we wanted to have a
child right now...but if I had been prenant, we would have
been the happiest parents alive!

Well, this time was different--We assumed it would take a
couple of minutes to get the results so...I told John I
would do my business while he hung up clothes. As I looked
down there was that little pink line staring back at me...I
was shocked---and aggrivated--"Hey, John's not in here your
not supposed to tell me yet" The aggrivation only lasted a
few moments---then the questions began--"Am I reading this
thing right"--I checked the instructions half a million
times then when I realized I was pregnant---I could barely
keep from screaming with joy!

I called John into the bathroom and showed him the
indicator--he looked at me questioning..."what does that
mean?" I pulled out the instructions and said "We're
having a baby!" We hugged--and I cried. WOW!

Becky, Christel, Murley, and Melton were all in the living
room watching Amistad--we devized a plan. We busted in
there and turned off the television and said "We have to
have a house meeting!" Everyone kind of sobered up...then
they started guessing. Becky was the first to blirt it out
when I accidentally smiled after seeing my little "baby"
dog. "You're pregnant aren't you!" I said no....and then
I said "Your in trouble because your going to be Aunts'!"

Everybody flipped in there own way--Christel shed some
tears followed by "Aren't you scared!!!", Becky just smiled
and gave me a big hug(she now smiles everytime she see's
me), Melton got quiet, Murley smiled and laughed. Uncle
Mike and Uncle Mike! :)

We decided to go over to John's parents to give the good
news...but then we remembered--John's dad was really upset
because Becky cut her hair! We decided to go anyway, we
eventually got them into the kitchen and gave them the news-
--they were both very happy. We then started making calls,
my mother, John's two grandmothers, his aunts, and
cousins...It was sooo much fun!

I'm sooo excited. I'm starting to feel tired a lot! When
I get home--I feel like I ran a marathon race at work! And
when I'm hungry--I'M HUNGRY(stomach pains and everything)!
I'm soooooo excited! I can't believe I'm pregnant. We
have decided that if it is a boy we are going to name him
Josiah. And if it is a girl we are going to name her one
of the following:

Lillian : Pure
Gwenyth : White, Fair, Holy
Uriah : God is my flame
Eliza : God's Oath
Myrium : ????

Thus far, Uriah and Eliza are winning. Man, I have been
dreaming about this my whole life! I can't believe it is
finally happening. John and I don't have any insurance
right now--but, there is something here called Sooner Care
that we may be eligible for--it's like insurance...but not,
some how. If that doesn't work'm
going to go all natural except for a Sonogram!

Oh, I can't wait.

Note to Baby:
I have waited so long for this to happen--I feel as if I
already know you. Your father and I are the happiest
parents ever! I can't wait to be able to feel you inside
of me....hold your little hand....hear your little voice.
You mean the world to me already--Since we got married I
have felt just like the women in the bible--Like my womb
woke up and started crying out! I feel like I am destined
to be a mother--like it's my job. Like I was put
here...partly to raise you. I can't wait to meet you and
do the very best we can-to give you a wonderful--God filled

Your Mommy

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