All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2002-12-16 11:12:41 (UTC)

loooooong time

i haven't written in here in such a long time. its finals
time here at good old houghton college. i have so much
work to catch up on. i owe like 4 papers for my intro to
christianity class. if i don't get those done i'm
screwed. its 6am right now and i haven't gone to bed cause
i'm so jumpy and stupid. i haven't been able to focus on
anything all semester. now i'm thinking about a girl that
i should've jumped for long ago. someone had to mention
something about her and i a couple days ago so now i can't
stop thinking about her...again. too bad she's got a
boyfriend. the funny thing is that i think she's the only
one who thinks i'm totally over her. everyone is
mentioning now how they still think we're going to end up
together. she even thought it would happen before this
other guy showed up. well i suppose i've whined long
enough about that. its amazing how much you can talk about
when you're so messed up in the head. girl trouble has
plagued me for basically the last year now. i did laundry
tonight and that was amazing. then i managed to be further
distracted from studying by uploading tons of photos to
yahoo photo albums. go there and check it out. my screen
name is punk4God_2000. i watched movies all afternoon so that
helped keep me from my studies. my friend showed up later
in the evening and i helped him with his art project. it
seems i'm better at doing other people's work than my own.
the college academic services say i have add. i think
they're just trying to make a sale on some ritalin. i
don't have add, i'm just a whine-ass who finds too
many "depressing" reasons not to do his work. all my
friends keep telling me how awesome i would be doing in college
if i actually did my work. i guess i'd have to agree.
that is that my friends. i think i should start sorting
through papers for my physics notebook check tomorrow.