2001-08-30 19:14:20 (UTC)

August 30th

I think I've skipped two days on this thing, but I'm not
all the way sure. Well, yesterday I went to Atlanta with
Faris and Travis. Man, it kinda made me want to go to
college at Morris Brown, Clark, or Ga State....I don't
know. I saw so many fine dudes there. I know it's not all
about that, but hey....it was nice! Travis didn't get on my
nerves too bad though. I mean, I really didn't want him to
go, but I knew I couldn't stop him from coming. But anyway,
school is okay...I guess. I had a math test today that I
kinda feel unsure about. It sucks that I can't understand
math the way I understand everything else. IT SUCKS! :q
Well, I'm off this weekend and I'm trying to figure out
what I'm going to do those days. I don't know. They are
having Battle of the Bands Sunday at Morris Brown. It would
be nice to go, but if I don't go, then it will be okay.

Leroy emailed me Tuesday! I'm trying to think of a time to
go to Clemson to go chill with him. My money needs to be
right though.

Okay, we have to turn in our Senior Will tomorrow and mine
goes as follows.....

I, Jocelyn Mc Duffie, leave R.M. and D.M. success; memories
of love for L.H...And I say "The Lord is on my side; I will
not fear: what can man do unto me?"(Pslams 118:6)...VENNI