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alyrra's Master
2001-08-30 18:09:12 (UTC)

Why do I get players???

Yesterday, I turned away a lying slave, named chattybaby.
She had proven herself to be untrustworthy, and aliar.

Here is her story.

I met her online in early July. she claimed at that time
that she only wanted a sex partner, and I agreed. I went
1600 miles to Ohio to be with her for one night, and
planned a week-long visit for Aug. 9-13.

In late July, she told Me she wanted to go visit a Domme in
Wisconsin. She would leave Aug. 1, but be back Aug. 8, in
time for My visit. I allowed her to go, and she did.

She came online on Aug. 3, and asked Me if she could stay
longer. she was enjoying herself, and needed the
vacation. I reluctantly agreed, even though I already had
My plane tickets. I made new plans, and was pleased when
My Mentor, Grand Mistress Tribas, said I could come out to
meet Her.

The next day, Aug. 4, My birthday (happy birthday to Me),
chatty came back on. She admitted that she had had the
tickets all along with no return until Aug. 14. She said
she had been told to lie to Me. I walked away from her
then ... thinking back, I should have stayed away.

She was online on Aug. 6, and I popped in to see how she
was. She said "I'm home" and told a tale of physical abuse,
abandonment, manipulation and betrayal by the Domme, HK.
chatty claimed HK had handcuffed her to the bed by her
ankles, then wouldn't let her go for several hours. chatty
said she'd attempted suicide by overdosing on her
glucophage (diabetes medicine). she said HK wouldn't take
her to the bus depot so she walked in 90 degree heat and

So I rearranged My time, asked Mistress, and planned to
take chatty with Me to meet Mistress.

The night before I left for Ohio, she came online and
claimed she had been raped. Yet, when I arrived, I saw no
bruising, no marks, and she hopped in the car with Me (a
near-stranger), and drove off 600 miles, even making love
to Me during the trip.

Last Friday (Aug. 24), she returned to My IM (we've been
talking regular), claiming she had been raped again ...
worse this time, with bruises and black-and-blue marks.
she'd been flogged, and violated.

Saturday (Aug. 25), she told Me she had just accepted an
invitation to visit a Dom in Wisconsin, someone she had
never met before. A Red Flag (My term for warnings) popped
up. I didn't think a person who had just been raped would
go visit a stranger 6 days after the rape (the visit was to
start the next Thursday, Aug. 30).

Sunday, I questioned her, and looked for the Dom. She
still maintained she had been raped, and talked about the
increased police presence around her apartment. As for the
visit, she told Me it was a non-sexual visit, just meeting

Monday, I found the Dom. The trip WAS a sex trip, He said,
and He had not been told she planned to call Me as her
safecall, had not told her to give His name and phone
number to Me, had not been told of Me at all and MOST
DISTURBING, He had not been told of the rape. I told Him
of the rape, and told Him He could not make love to Her.
He called the trip off, deciding to suck up the $500 ticket
rather than bring a rape victim out on a "safe no-sex

Later Monday, shecame on yelling at Me for ruining her

Tuesday, after talking with My Mistress, I asked chattyt
for the police report on her rape, "to make sure everything
is being done right." she told Me the police didn't want
to release the report, because they didn't want it made
public. I reminded her that, as the victim, she's entitled
to that report, and she agreed.

Wednesday, she came on again. This time she claimed that
the rapist had in reality been in her house since Friday
night, holding her hostage, telling her exactly what to say
to Me, forcing her to do things, violating her again and
again and again. This set off the final Red Flag, and I
hung up on her, coming to her IM later to call her a liar,
based on the following facts ...

1. If He had raped her Friday, and was manipulating her,
why would he even let her tell someone, ANYONE, about the
rape? A safer lie is "all is fine. I'm doing well."

2. Why would He, if He raped her repeatedly and manipulated
her, suddenly leave her, unharmed and able to immediately
call the police and identify him?

3. Why hadn't she been able to escape? Two fast
escapes .. . out the front door, to pound on the door of
the neighbor next door (door adjoin each other) or run to
someone else's apartment for help? ... or call 911 on
her handheld phone and then leave it off the hook. As a
hand-held, it's usually off the hook anyway? Calling 911
and saying nothing will cause the police to trace the call
(they can, they have that technology. I know, because when
kids call 911 from My work payphones, the police call My
work to ask us to check it out) and check out the problem.

So I called her a fucking liar and threw her out of My
life. she threatened to kill herself ... another
manipulation tool. I told her I didn't care, and would
never know if she did.

She's a bitch and a liar. Stay away from chattybaby.