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2001-08-30 18:08:48 (UTC)

la la la

well i have not be writing in a while. alot has happened.
last time i wrote i didnt know.. well i wasent sure i was
with chris well on the 25th the saturday i was at the
party.. i see "kasinova" the stripper that i saw b4.. he is
so cute.. raquel was freaked out she didnt want a stripper
but i mean like her fiance went to 3 diffrent strip clubs.
but anyways the stripper left and the party started, these
guys from nyc came. i look outside and i see this one guy
and im like damn he is cute. so then i go up to my cousin
jessica who knows them i was like who is that guy there?
she goes one of willi's friends. so then i sat down with a
drink. then all of a suddon we talk..he is really nice. and
very sweet. his name is jorge. but he is 5 years older than
me. i told him my age he said age didnt matter to him he
was like i like the way u r not cuz of ur age.. so im like
i dont mind either but just as long as u respect me. then
we started talking more.. for like a straight hour. then we
were just there partying and drinking, i was trying not to
act stupid cuz i was feelin a bit tipsy. so then he was
like lets go for a walk. i said i have a boyfriend..but its
not working out.. he asked me whats worng and im like the
love i had for him is not there anymore.. he said then do
what u think is right and something u wont regret. so i was
like im single as far as i know. he was like haha then we
went outside. and all of a suddon were talking the next min
were kissing. i swear this has got to be the scariest thing
ever, when i used to kiss chris there was so much emotion
and so much feeling in it i felt it all when jorge kissed
me. so we go back to the party. and talk again and drink
more. then like he goes "Mami can i have your number" im
like hmm here email me then ill think about it.. not
thinking he would call or anything. so then its about
3:30am and he was like "mami im leaving" so then i walk him
outside, i told him i dont want you driving cuz u were
drinking and then he was like dont worry ill talk to you
soon and i hope to see you soon. i kissed him good bye and
then he left. i was like brainwashed by him. i go to
jessicas house and sleep. the next day we went to some lake
up in shelton, i go back check my email and nothing so im
like shit he forgot me. then the next mornign im like let
me check it so i go and i see that he didnt forget about
me. im soo happy as i read it. i write him back. then he
goes online and we talk he gets signed off and he is like
my computer is messed up can i call u so we talk for 2
hours then he said i want to go see u this weekend. so then
im like just call me. its been 3 days since we last talked
he did ask for me 2 times cuz jessica called me and said he
was coming down. well as for chris i broke up with when i
went to take his necklace back he cried like a baby and
grabbed my face and kissed me.. to tell u the truth all the
feeling was gone. i didnt feel anything. i told him my love
is drifting away and away more each day, he cried so bad. i
just said im sorry and i left.. i didnt tell him about
jorge that was my biggest mistake. cuz i feel guilty. i
still do. but anyways yesterday i went walking to the
carnival. with liz and adrian and bert adrians cousin, it
was like a 50min walk and we walked back. it was fun
though, as bert and adrian walked me home, i see chris go
outside so im like just look foward and walk straight. so
like i go online and he was like who were they?? do u go
out with one of them? i was like no. blah blah blah well my
hands hurt so ill write back later... NOOO SCHOOL STARTS

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Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.