An Angel's life
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2001-08-30 18:01:55 (UTC)

Yo wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz up I'm back!!!!

Dear Diary and Readers,
Sorry I didn't write back soon enough but I do have a
life. Now I will talk to you about part of my life. Earlier
this week we went grocery shopping but I had a really good
mood!! Tuesday I did went with my sister and neighbor to
pick up my neighbor's sister. She is in school and we are
still relaxing at home like pigs. I also watched Gilmore
Girls. I love that show. Now on Wednesday I met some new
people online and my friends and I bugged this chat room. It
was fun! We are planning to do more of that pretty soon. Now
today I don't know what will happen so I will just have to
see. Tomorrow is my grandfather's b~day so we are going to
have a nice celebration for him. Now enough about me what
about you? Yo write to me and tell me how you are doing. I
love messages. It has been 7 days and I thought I would have
enough juice to tell you guys but I don't. That sucks
doesn't it. You know what I feel like?? I want to bug
people. Is that a crime?? You tell me. Wow I still have
mail. I am going to check that out. See~yah later.

~(this is where my name would go)

P.S. If you want the weekly Pony just write to me saying I
want m

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