Don Juan

2002-12-16 05:30:15 (UTC)

Well, she didn t work out... as..

Well, she didn't work out... as I expected. Although it
wasn't me this time, it was her. I couldn't put up with
her neediness and her budget. I'd bought her dinner a LOT,
okay... and she was at my truck at my lunch break and she
wanted to go to McDonalds... I said sure, but when we got
there I didn't have my wallet. It was a (maybe) $5 meal.
She actually had plenty of money that day. And she didn't
seem to mind buying my meal... but when we got back in the
truck, the first thing she wanted to know is where my
wallet was. She wouldn't leave it alone... everytime she
asked I didn't have my wallet. She finally mentioned it
when I had my wallet, but all I had was 20s... she said,
"I'll take that," and snatched it. I just said okay and
didn't say another word, just put my wallet away. It just
kept scratching my inside out over a week's time. I just
asked myself if I could put up with a girl that was that
tight with money all my life. If you know anything about
me, you'd know that as soon as I find out I can't marry
them... it's over. So, I broke it off... I think I might
be a little too picky. But money is just something that
doesn't bother me. I work hard for it... but when I have
it, I have it. And I just can't see how she could miss $5
that badly.
I started talking to steph again the other day. It feels
so good to talk to her. I had forgotten how closely linked
we were at one time. Talking to her again just brings it
all bubbling back up to the top. So many emotions run
through me with every word, everything from hate to love.
I just couldn't deal with myself and her a wile ago, but I
think I can now. I guess only time will tell.