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2002-12-16 05:11:28 (UTC)

Time Flies...

another weekend has come to an end. geez how the days just
fly by. fri nite i went to this concert over at lincoln
center.. all my singin buddies were in it, so i had to show
them the love. it was a holiday show, pretty good if i do
say so. they had a dance portion with the girls (and one
horrendous guy)from the dance program, and me jen and
allison weren't that impressed. in fact, we were quite the
bitchy snobs (gimme a BREAK they were supposed to be known
for their abilities). neways, i'm such a critic when it
comes to the arts...i can't help it! aw i wanted to be on
that stage so bad...if i could only dance like that again.
i miss it like crazy! *sigh* anyways, me and the gals had a
great time. i've actually never hung out with them before
that nite, but i had one of the best nites. i couldn't stop
laughing! it makes me wonder what kind of crowd i fit in
to. i don't really feel like i have one group that makes me
happy. i mean i go out with the same group every weekend-
the bars, the drinks.. same ol same ol every weekend. it
gets so boring. and they don't really have very similar
interests or sense of humor, i feel like i'm cuttin myself
short. it's so weird feelin like that. i have fun and
watever but i wonder if really belong there. i mean why
should i be hanging out with people that don't always make
me feel comfortable, or all that wanted? i hate the feeling
of chasing and wishin they would run into MY room to tell
me something funny. i love em all to death, i just don't
feel that included on the level that they all seem to be. i
wish i didn't analyze everything so goddamn much. i just
wish i found a group of friends that didn't compete for
attention, and appreciated me as much as they did everyone
else. ew i sound depressing. enuf of that then. well neways
after the concert we went out into the pouring rain and
found the first restaraunt we saw, and ducked inside, where
i could get my dessert! yum! it was mad fun, ryan came (the
most flaming gay funniest kid ever...he's me, in a gay male
version) and we just joked the whole time, and when the
black male waitor hit on me, it was all over. he was like
30! gross. we finally got back to the dorm, where i dried
my wet ass off, and went to bed. the rest of the weekend
was dedicated to finishing my papers and relaxxxxing.
ok talk about a weekend flying by, how bout two years? ya
so it's officially my two year anniversary 2nite! dammnn. i
can't believe i was 16 when i met went by so
fast, but so much has happened. it's like we've been thru
all these amazing stages of growing up together, and now
we're in college! the memories are incredible, and i
wouldn't trade them for anything. how can you meet someone
that u click with so much at such a young age? two down,
and hopefully many more to come. i love this. and i love
him. i get this sneak peek into a whole other world of
learning and growing and loving that many people aren't
lucky enough to experience like i am. i guess life doesn't
seem that bad after all.

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