My Reality
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2002-12-16 04:25:48 (UTC)


thats right, yippy...hehehe he finally left me a message
things are good...he just lost my number and no one ever
gave him my messages that i called so technically it was
all just a misunderstanding... he left me his number so i
could give him a call, he is at home, and damn it i am
going to call and call and call and annoy the hell out of
everyone in that house until i get to talk to him i dont
care if i ahve to call every hour on the hour i will catch
him i will talk to him and i will amek plans with him
because i will have lots and lots of sex with him really
soon...cant wait..i have missed him so much, he is the
nicest sweetest funniest most thougthful intelligent guy i
have ever met and i refuse to let something like this get
away i have put up with crap guys for too long damn it i
am going to do everything in my power to make him mine
because he is worth the fight..i am so excited there are
so many thing i want to tell him and ask him, i want to
know about everything i have missed in the last month and
a half and make up for some serious lost
time....aahhhh...god if i have to wait up all night just
hoping for a chance to catch him on here damn it i will do
it..dont think i wont