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alyrra's Master
2001-08-30 17:30:17 (UTC)

It's been a week

I know it's been a very hectic week, but My slave alyrra
has not written anything in her confessionals? Does this
mean she feels she's been perfect this past week???

Actially, I need to make a confession. Tuesday night, aly
emerged from her cup (MSN's way to show you are away is to
put up a coffee cup next to your name, thus you're not
away, you're cupped) in black leather boots, pnties and
bustier ... a sHARP contrast to the white silks I ask her
to wear.

aly proceeded to become a Dominatrix, alyMa'am, while I
became lil mater, her pet. alyMa'am taught Me about
listening, and I admit right now that I was scared to death
by her .. . and excited too. Even though this is all
computer, and all in O/our minds, My Manhood was
throbbingly erect, and when W/we finally sybered after the
session, I had a VERY intense orgasm, soaking the t-shirt I
had to grab to catch the cum.

I was VERY excited, yes, and also want her to do that to Me
again ... a change in roles is good for both of u/us.

But something bad did happen because of the role reversal.
The next night, in a room that was full and flying with
conversation, aly and I miscommunicated. She asked if she
could get something. I thought she meant fetch something
for her Master, so I asked for wine. Ever-obedient (god, I
love My alyrra), she went for the wine, but then said she
wanted to get something of her own. I told her to go, but
My statement got lost by her in the room, and she shouted
thinking I didn't hear her.

The present was very lovely, even if it wasn't for Me (a
necklace like the one she wears, with three stones .. .
given to her lover enchanted emerald, or emmy), but I then
lectured her on learning the lessons she teaches, because
she hadn't listened to Me. This lesson drove aly to tears
and made her ill, which happens when she cries too much. I
hope she realizes I wasn't mad, just trying to help her

If you didn't know this enough by now, I love My slave
alyrra very much. she has been rock-steady ever since W/we
met ... holding Me and being held as ann betrayed U/us,
holding Me as chattybaby betrayed Me (subject of the next
diary entry), and learning her lessons very well, as a
slave should.

I fevently pray that aly will someday want to meet Me, and
become My real-life slave, but if it never happens (she's19
to My 44, and age may be a barrier) I'll always carry a
very special place in My heart for her. I've had 4 slaves
in My life, and aly is by far the best (not much
competition, I'll admit). I've Collared 8 people in My
first year as a Dom, and aly is number 2 on that list, and
the only thing that holds her from number one is the length
of time we've been together. But if the first month is any
indication, aly will be number 1 long before she matches
buffy's 5-month service record.

More on the next diary.

Sir Sweet