2001-08-30 17:22:32 (UTC)

I'm not going back to school this year...

Tee Hee, Big News!
I'm not going back to school this year.
I have decided to stick with my correspondance courses
See, what happened is that I couldn't get my grade 12
english credit at summer skewl, so I took a correspondance
course instead.
I got 90% on my first unit (out of four), cause this way I
have to do all my homework. It's way better than a hurting
30%, so I'm gonna stick with it. I already registered for
a sociology course, so that should be on its way soon :)
I'm gonna go back to school second semester though, cause I
wanna take OAC music :)
Hopefully I can get an OAC english credit before second
semester starts, too :)
John and I celebrated our 9-month anniversary yesterday ;)
He got me roses (awwwwww!) and we went out to see a movie
too. I had an awesome time, even though the morning sucked
(that was before I saw him anyways, he always makes my
smile come back).
K well I guess that's it for now.
Seeyas later ;)
Luv n hugs