mY dIaRy....
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2001-08-30 17:18:27 (UTC)

Thursday 30, 2001 (August)

First time wriing.. so I'll probably write a lot.
Everthing's okay I guess except for the fact that JOhn is
mad @ me cuz I made him feel like he was the one that broke
into my e-mail. I'm so but so but so sorry and I told him
but he won't understand! I dunno why I just hope he
understands soon, I was gonna call him just no but I didn't
have the guts to. I keep on thinking he's going to hang up.
Martin told me to do it and that he won't hang up but I
think he will. :*( N e wayz there's only 5 or 4 days 'till
school, I wanna go to french but I don't maybe i can drop
out yeah I think. I want to finish gr8 as fast as possible
so I can get into gr9! all the girls and guys in gr8 were
rele good frineds of mine so I can't wait to get into the
same eschool they r in. Kassy Dobson.. she hates me, even
thought she talks to me and tells me a lot of things when
no one's there after she hates me. She hates the fact that
I'm so nice and the fact that when she was going out w/
Anthony me and him were rele good friends. About anthony, I
haven't talked to him in a long time. I keep on thinking
he's annoyed by me and stuff, but well he's a year older
than me and for a year we'll have different lives after
that things will go back to normal I hope. But he keep on
being same nice guy he always is.
I love the fact that there's a diary online, I write aloot
in my diary and well after Kassy nad Jess read it I haven't
written in ever since.
Before yesterday we went to Niagara Falls, it was pretty
cool. What I found cooler is the fact that u can see USA
just right in front. I haven't been a lot of places this
year this summer but it's okay, I had fun my way. I was a
lot on the internet, well I love being on the internet and
typing and chatting and stuff it's kewl!
N e wayz, now I'll b going w/ my sis to do something I
dunno what rele but she has to go somwhere adn I'm going w/
her not to stay here. I LOVE THIS DIARY. I'll try my best
to keep it up, I'm ussually good but then I forget and for
a while I don't write.
Right now I don't have n e thing interesting to write. It's
summer that's why, just wait 'till school starts! I won't
stop writing for hours.
Now I'm gonna work w/ my dad, finally my own money and no
one else's!!! he he.
Well I better leave, I'm going to take a shower now.
I'll write later so bub bye.
*AC*. 01:17pm Canada, Etobicoke

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