i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
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2001-08-30 17:05:51 (UTC)

sure fine keep whispering - it..

sure fine keep whispering - it really doesn't matter - i
just ignore both of you . . . . . i really feel that i am
so far above all of this BS now - lastyear no defientally
not - but after last year and after this summer i am
starting to think so . . . . too much crap too much crap -
i'll just sit around and let you do your own thing as long
as you let me do mine - and then there are people (
actually only 1) who don't respond to my emails or IMs - do
i even bother calling? this person s ht eonly person i
really want to talk to - why no contact - i don't
understand . . . . so lost am i - i refuse to buy a
phonecard until i know it will be put to good use - but no
responce so i dunno - i just miss her - and i hate it here -

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