The Good The Bad & The Ugly
2001-08-30 16:46:41 (UTC)

Too Stressed to write....

I know it's been a very long time since I last wrote but,
you don't know how stressed out I and my family has been.
Still neither of us has a job. Not from the lack of trying
but, the lack of good luck. First both my sons had to
start at new and seperate school's. Causing my youngest to
come home as early as 1:30 pm on wenesday, and by 2:30 on
the others. My oldest wont get home till almost 5:00,
niether are old enough to be left home alone, and Since we
have no car or job, We cant have them in day care. So that
left me having to stay home. robert on the other hand had
recieved lots of offers but, some how they fall through or
it's just to hard to get there every morning with out a
car. We think his driver lisence may be suspended cause our
tags are expired on the car. We just thought of that
couple of days ago when we were wondering why robert wasn't
getting the job he applied for that were showing a interest
in him and intervied him never call back afterwards.
Then food was dwindling, the light bill came in and ect ect.
But a ray of hope shined on us today. Here it is only two
days till rent is due, We have only a half loaf of bread
half bag of rice half container of milk few pack of
oriental noodels soup and a jar o jellie. Phone bill one
month late. And one of roberts little hustles paid up.
we got a little more than five hundred dollars and my uncle
is sending two hundred, not to mention the five hundred
from ssi. Now we have enought to buy us another 30 days
for robert to find a job. I think he will try harder this
time. this month he messed up by putting all his time into
that dumb long distance re seller thing. And guess how
many customers he has. Give up --- 1 1/2 it pays us 100
dollars a month. And now It looks like the 1/2 isn't going
to pay this month. I knew trying to sell phone service
would be extremely hard. But no one could tell robert
that, he just had to see for himself. Wasting time time
and more time. So I hope he will do better this time. God
watch over us please. And thanks for all your blessing's.