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2002-12-16 02:37:01 (UTC)

don't worry, it only hurts when i breathe

winter break is almost here, friday the 13 just passed and
it was fun. a group of friends and myself have created a
group called "cellardoor" (taken from the movie "donnie
darko") where we do various illegal substances and such.
fun doesn't describe it.
lately i've been tired and exhausted. probably from lack
of sleep but who knows. i've lost a close circle of
friends. i now just have many circles of good friends.
there's no really close group anymore which is pretty sad.
sometimes you just have to fend for yourself.
i dont write much in my diary for this simple reason, i
don't have much to write about.
no luck with the ladies, i remember obtaining a girlfriend
used to be so much easier.
recently i've been sitting around doing nothing more and
more. i'll lay on my floor and look through old school
work and stuff while i listen to music. it's relaxing but
can't be good for me. being on the verge of this so called
feeling of depression and all.
at the moment i am utterly confused, i have mixed feelings
about everything...
i have been toying between the ideas of christianity and
atheism... my mind is still not made up. because i'm more
of an opportunist, i want to be on the winning side all
the and unfortunately it doesn't work that way.
friend-wise.... i have no idea who's my friend and who
isn't, people just seem to go through fases where they are
just stupid and then everything's ok? no it's not. oh well
tis the season to be jolly.
lauren if we weren't already married i'd marry you