Fins Talk and Other Thoughts
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2002-12-16 02:33:07 (UTC)

Go Dolphins--Sunday, 15 December 2002, 9:21pm

Another Sunday come and gone, and my Dolphins were once
again victorious. We now are tied for the best record in
the AFC!! Ricky turned in an excellent performance,
gaining well over 100 yards rushing and over 200 total
yards. Jay threw NO interceptions!! Olindo missed one
field goal, but in the end that did not matter. We
defeated the Raiders 23-17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They
must feel awful since they lost their lead in the
conference. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas were MAGNIFICENT
on defense. I have decided that the Dolphins need a shirt
with 54 and 99 on it that says, "It's a family affair!"
If you don't get that, then you don't deserve to read this
diary. Close this window RIGHT NOW!! Ok, now that the
real Dolphin fans are left, I can continue. We are doing
well. All we need is to score 13 points in the next two
games and stop the offense. I am confident that the boys
will be able to dominate the Vikings and the Patriots. No
worries, Dolphins fans!

On another note, the second installment of The Lord of the
Rings comes out on Wednesday. Let's all show our support
to that wonderful cast of beautiful boys. Perhaps we can
make it the single highest grossing Wednesday opening
ever!! That would be awesome. Orlando Bloom has a new
movie coming out next year called The Kelly Gang. It has
Heath Ledger in it too. Good lord!! I don't think I can
handle the sexual energy eminating from that film.

Ok, I'm out of here. I need to clean up this place and
watch the Cards try NOT to lose to the Rams. Wish them

Until next time . . .

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