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2002-12-16 02:11:29 (UTC)

Sledgehammer People

This weekend was pretty fun, on Friday me and the boys
played tag and capture the flag at monte vista and me and
tom got in a fight and were bitching at eachother. he
provoked it when he pulled some stupid joke about picking
me last for capture the flag and then rubbing it in, it
was so immature. then we all went to albertsons and got
some peanut brittle and pez. i drove with rhett, that guy
kicks ass, he can scream so good, like the singer of the
used. it was rad... dan took me home after we ate and i
went to bed. saturday i ran abunch of errands working on
my paper for english and collecting my money for my guitar
(finally) then that night me and dan got a bunch of food,
a movie and stayed the night at my house and got really
really stoned. it felt good cause we havent done that for
a long time..lots of laughs... today i got up and worked
on my english paper some more, i still feel really sick,
and want to play some shows sooo badly. i still am missing
lacy too..weird....

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