2001-08-30 15:24:50 (UTC)

See Ourselvez Thru'

Today holds no significance,
Routine wrk, colleagues's jokez & boifren foncallz.
Hasn't been in an uplifting spirit lately,
Drained out upon each return nitely.
Many things on my mind just twirling.
I'm in need of some sharing & some giving,
But don't give me ur story of self-pity.
There's more to Life than just sorrows,
I'm here to help, take it.
I'm here to give, don't doubt it.
For if it's happiness it result in,
I expect no return.
When things seem helpless, don't sigh.
U need spirit to lift U up high.
U're half of me, I feel U.
When anger getz U, it getz me too.
When I go all silent, don't ever think I'm ignoring U.
I'm hindering myself frm uttering werdz dat may hurt U.
I'm nuthang compared to U, U're smart & friendly too.
Ur frenz look up to U.
U're special if U only knew.
NoOne Important U r NOT 2 me.
I just want U to noe wateva happenz,
I hope we'll C ourselvez thru'.