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2002-12-16 01:14:45 (UTC)

blah sunday nights are blah

sunday nights are blah...as i've already said once or
twice...cause i hate going to school on monday mornings.
this week is gonna be busy as a beast...anybody wanna know
my schedule? well you don't really get a say, seeing as how
this is my journal, so here goes:
monday: i hafta stay after school forever cause of some
stupid thing lauren has to do, then at 6 i gotta go to my
little sister's advent sevice thing...should be fun.
tuesday: hafta stay after school again, but this time not
becaue lauren has TOK. actually its because we have our
chorus rehearsal from 2-5 for the christmas concert. then
when that ends at 5, i hafta rush over to my church for an
extra long choir practice from 5-7:30. and i'll most likely
have some kinda homework, so its gonna be fun also.
wednesday: hafta stay after school again for whatever my
sister has to do. then after that ends (whenever that will
be) i hafta go to piano lessons from 5-6. then i hafta be
at my chorus concert at 7 and that will most likely last
till at least 10 or 10:30. i hope i don't have a buttload
of homework this night.
thursday: gotta stay after school for lauren's TOK. then
gotta rush to pick up my little sister, be home at about
4:30. gotta rush over to my church for another extra long
choir practice for christmas eve, which lasts till 7:30.
but i hafta leave there at 6:30 because i hafta be at
school for another concert at 7. then won't get home again
til 10 or 10:30. does this sound like fun yet?
that may not seem that busy to some people who have extra
filled social calendar, but this is stress-mania for me.
but then on friday all i have to do is sing our concert all
day, so besides killing my voice that day won't be too hard.

anyway, my parents want my help writing out christmas cards
(kinda late, don't ya think?) so i'm gonna go. see you all
bright and early tomorrow morning!

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