sex sells, and (unfortunately) i like it
2002-12-16 01:13:11 (UTC)

yay vacation

haha we are having this christmas party right now, and it
is so boring adn it si stupid... adn my best friend liek
went on my sn earlier after i told her not to adn ahhh i
cnt believe it... o well
hum hum hum yay! one week of school left until
vacation!!!!!!! i cant wait. yay then after vacation, i
getta go skiing, this is the best! adn i am gettign new
skiis for christmas... and then sam adn i are gunna go
skiing and it will be so great... if i can make it throught
this wee of school. lol i shoudl be doing algebra homework
right now, but i dotn feel like it. lalala
thats all cause im bored lol