Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-08-30 14:00:39 (UTC)

Thursday, August 30th

I have finally decided the aunt is a BITCH, she is saying
how he is a deadbeat dad because he has not done anything
for the baby, and I told her that is completely not true
that if he would have known he could have done something.
He just found out of Friday like the rest of us!! I told
her maybe her niece should have been responsible and got a
job when she decided to keep the baby. They are trying to
convince me that he knew from the day she was pregnant and
he said to just give me time and I would go along with
everything. He swears that is not true at all.

My lawyer got the papers done they just have to be signed,
I told him he could let his lawyer see them tonight if he
wanted, but he said he trusted me. He is going to see the
lawyer to find out the best way to pay her as little child
support as possible---not that we are trying to be mean,
but we know what she will do with it (drink it, buy drugs,
or smoke it). Why give her free money to that??? He wants
me to decide if we want to be involved with her or not, he
says he doesn't want to know her, unless I help raise her,
because that was our dream to have more kids and this is
just how it kind of worked out. I guess we could go for
full custody, but it would be an ugly thing.