Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2002-12-16 00:08:49 (UTC)

The Aftermath of The Weekend...

How can so much stuff happen in one day? Friday to be
exact. I went into work and I have Taomi telling me she
needs to talk to me. Fine...whatever. She tells me that
she went to Rich about Hoff. could she do
that? She's the one who's had sex with him countless times
and now wants his job. How in the world....? I'm so
lost....but what really takes the cake is that she brought
my name into it. Rich knows that if I had problem with
Hoff, I would tell him. I had no problem telling him that
Timmy had made me uncomfortable. Sure Jeff gets a bit
carried away, but if I took him aside and told him to
stop...he would. Well...anyway, I talked to Rich
yesterday about it all and told him that I wanted out of
the accusations. I never said anything about jeff and I
don't want my name in it anymore. He said that was fine.

Anyways...Friday night. I went to the club after work. I
really didn't want to go. It was snowing and it was just
plain nasty outside, I went anyway. I had a smidge more
than my limit and was feeling a bit toasty. Marc, Jaime
and thier friend Nick and I were all dancing...when this
guy kept dancing by us. He was kinda good-looking...very
much my type. Tall, know. lol We just
assumed he was trying to dance with I pulled him
in between Marc and I and we were dancing. He looked at me
said..."save me, I'm not gay"...OH SHIT. lol So, I let
him out the little freak-dance we were all doing and
thought nothing of it. Marc, Jaime and I decided to do a
shot at the bar and I told Marc..."I betcha I'll kiss that
guy before the night is through" LMAO. Well...we went
back out to dance and I was dancing with some black guy I
had met at the bar earlier that night...queer as two dollar
bill, but fun. straight guy, the gay
black guy and I were all dancing. Of course, the straight
was behind me and I have a habit of dancing very seductly
when someone is behind me. I must've turned him on, so
after the song ended he asked if it would be alright if he
danced with me again...I said...sure. But he wanted me to
get rid of my purse...I told him that I had to take it out
to my car and then asked if he wanted to come with
me...lordy lordy. We get out to my car and I throw my
purse in the trunk and he gets in the passenger seat of my
car and I get in the drivers seat. We were talking and
whatnot...All of sudden we are kissing, I mean...tongue in
tongue. He started feeling me up and eventually we ended
up in the backseat. Well, to make a long story short, I
had sex with a guy I just met in the backseat of my car
outside the gay bar...oh and did I mention that I don't
even remember his name? there's my tragic/trashy
story of the year!! So, we're done and I'm setting in a
friend of mine's car talking and here comes Marc and
Jaime....Thank God, they hadn't walked out five minutes
beforehand. I was insistant on going to the bathroom.
Fine, Marc goes with me. Then we all leave the club to go
to Denny's. We're setting there and I'm telling them all
about my "experience" and Marc asks where his 150.00
dollars is...OH SHIT!!! I fucking lost his money...I'm
imagining in the bathroom at Bretz, cuz they found my ID
that was in the same pocket. At least I got my ID
back...pretty expensive ID, if you ask me.

So another crazy night at Bretz...leave it to me to find a
str8 guy at a gay bar to have sex with out in the parking
lot. LOL bye bye

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