2001-08-30 12:38:02 (UTC)


I'm so damn bored, no choice den come here. Coz my scribble
can't be logged in. *hai* Todae is a fun dae lah. Took sp,
dat was pretty boring, but which sp isn't. Somemore have to
be so serious.
Then, after that we played captain's ball! So fun! Played
against 2J. Got mi, huizhuan, min, jac, tee, wen, suan2!
Realli enjoyed myself. Kept getting the ball unexpectedly,
looks like i'm so good at captain's ball, whereas it's juz
by pure luck. Heh.
Realised that ly is realli in love with Yr. Good lah, i
guess? Heh, of coz! One is my good fren, the other is my
Bro! Juz hope Kenneth will find one soon, and one who can
stop him frm being SOOO crazy! Hee. Now v. sian, no one to
tok to!
Hmm, GREAT! Yr's online! Gotta go niao her! HEH. =)

30th August 2001 8.34pm