Life of Joolz
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2001-08-30 12:09:11 (UTC)

Thursday 30th august 2001-severe back pain

Have done my back in yesterday. I was alright on mini
cruise and walked miles round Amsterdam, we had a good
time, but yesterday I reached on shelf for something at
Boots chemists and my back went. It made me double up and
cry out it was so painful. I hobbled home and am bent
double as I cannot straighten my spine. God knows what I've
done but this is the last straw this is, especially when
I'm on leave. Can't see me going back to work on Monday coz
I can't even walk!! I have been awake most of the night in
pain and am dosed up on ibuprofen/codeines miserable as
To cap it all my friend is stranded 20 mins outside of
Alton towers with her two little girls as her car's broken
down. She's texted me for help so I'm on comp so I can send
her text messages to tell her to ring me on landline. looks
like she's panicking beyond belief!
I can sit but not straighten up, and it's more comfier with
knees bent lying on bed. What a bloody life this is. Good
job Ron is off work too to help around house as there's
absolutely nothing I can do-except sit! if no better
tomorrow I'll ring the quacks and get him to come see me so
I can get some proper pain relief as these codeines aren't
doing anything at all.

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